Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Sitter

The Sears home repair guy came by today to fix the water softener. He was explaining the costs of installing the $12 part when I started feeling terrible. I was clammy, sweating, dizzy and feeling like I did last October when this all began. Kari and the kids were at school. Kari’s parents (they live 3 houses down from us) were out for lunch. I was scared, so I asked the repair man to babysit me for a bit. He was very kind and understanding. His father has been recently diagnosed with colon cancer and started chemotherapy. Thus he had some empathy for not feeling well and being alone. I felt like such a dork!! 42 years old and needing a stranger to “baby sit” me until the episode passed. I think someone is trying to tell me I’m still not humble enough.


  1. Oh man....crazy. No, not you -- your situation. I would have hopped the fence to help, but no, I wasn't home either around lunch time today. Maybe we should device some sore of smoke signal when your in trouble. Nah, I guess that's why we have cell phones....please call me if you need anything....I MEAN IT!!!

  2. You would think I would learn to keep my cell phone with me. Either I have never been that smart or I've suffered enough damage to lose that many brain cells. Hopefully you don't see a smoke signal as that will probably mean I was cooking and the house is on fire. LOL

  3. oh jonathan what are we to do with you? do I need to come back?! ;)

  4. Dr. Staker,

    We will never forget all you've done for our kids (Madison, Jacob and Justin).

    Remember when Jacob fell face first into a metal picnic table? He was only 5, I think, and it was ugly - his top 4 teeth were all pushed back, and Jake and I were a sobbing mess. But you dropped everything and came in on a Sunday afternoon to deal with the emergency. Jake was fixed right up, and we were beyond grateful. I recall that it seemed to hurt you nearly as much as it hurt him to pull those teeth back into place! We never received a bill for that.

    You have been Madison's dentist since she was 3 (she'll be 13 next month!). When she was younger she had a real problem with cavities, but you offered to take care of them gratis (for boards). I can't tell you how much of a help that was - I was a single Mom at the time, and money was extremely tight. As she grew, you kept such a keen eye on her - between a palate expander and space maintainer - that we escaped orthodontia :)

    You're such a treasure, and we will miss you greatly. We'll certainly be praying for you and your family.

    Love always,
    Jason and Amy Hunsaker
    Justin, Madison and Jacob

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. It means so much.