Thursday, September 2, 2010


It is so hard to sleep when your heart is being paced.  To avoid spurts of A-fib, the cardiologist moved the lowest setting on my pacer to 70.  That means if my heart rate drops below 70 beats per minute, my pacemaker kicks in and makes my heart beat 70.  During the day it isn't as big of a problem because I am doing things and don't notice it as much.  At night, it is a different story.  I lay there in silence listening to my heartbeat and feeling it pound in my chest.  When you are being paced, your heart beats stronger.  So I feel like I just stepped out of a Biggest Loser workout all night.  Hopefully after my tests this month I can get it adjusted down some.  It doesn't hurt to hope, right...


  1. What is a normal heart rate during the day and what is normal during sleep? 70 seems high during sleep. No wonder you are having trouble.
    Paul Evans

  2. Normal heart rate is between 60-100. Obviously higher during the day since you are in motion. My resting heart rate before this was in the 40's.

  3. A resting heart rate of 40 is good when you live in a nursing home.......

  4. It is also a good rate for a well conditioned athlete such as myself.

  5. yes us stakers are all well condition athletes, as long as we don't have to move of the couch during the game.