Friday, March 18, 2011

Father and Son

Riley and I had to make a cake for the Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.  The theme was a picnic.  We looked through ideas on the Internet and then Riley picked the cake he wanted.  It took me a while to find out how to make all the different parts, but it was a fun activity.
Riley picked a yellow cake and he mixed and baked it.  He made some butter cream frosting and I covered the cake in it.  I made a marshmallow fondant and colored it yellow and blue.  I covered the cake in the yellow and blue checkerboard picnic blanket look.  Riley made the ants out of brown M&M's and black frosting.  I made the plate out of red starbursts.  Riley made the burgers from vanilla wafers and snickers with yellow and red frosting to hold the pieces together and look like ketchup and mustard.  The hot dogs were made from orange starbursts and vanilla wafers and the red and yellow frosting.  We had a great time and actually WON first place.


  1. Have you ever watched the cake Challenge shows on Food Network? You and Riley could partner up and try your luck there. I am totally impressed! My kids are lucky if their cakes even get frosting with a color in it, let alone a whole picnic table! Good job Riley!

  2. Much to my kids chagrin, I watch most of those shows. I find how they do those cakes fascinating.