Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

I don't know if my current problem is physiological or psychological.  Thus the madness.  This week I have been so dizzy I can barely function.  If I stand up I start to black out.  The world spins and I get motion sickness.  I get this sensation all the time, but this week it is constant.  About the only thing I can do is lay down.  Sometimes I can sit up.  That leaves me with few options.  Luckily it is March.  The bad part of March is that I turned 43 today.  The good part is that it is the perfect time to be confined to a couch. 

Watching the NCAA basketball is awesome.  Having every game in full allows me to be content lying around.  My wife wonders if this sudden "affliction" isn't somehow a bit too convenient.  She has a point.  Either way, I am couch bound.  Go Cougars!!


  1. At least you're looking on the bright side. I am so sorry that you are feeling so bad, wish there was more we could do. Let's just hope the Cougars win tonight and you can continue to have their games to look forward to!

  2. Scott lost his job last week and has consoled himself with March Madness. Funny how you are both sick and/or unemployed during the tournament. I'm jumping on the suspicious train with Kari. Get feeling better! Easier said than done, right? Love you guys!

  3. I just wanted to add that I love when you post on your blog. I don't do facebook anymore and I am horrible at email and worse at phone calls. So when I occasionally get a chance to read blogs, I love to see when you have updated yours. We are praying for your health. Hang in there. I wish we could help out more.